(All of these after school programs are open to the community - if you are interested in registering your student for one of these classes, please contact us at thehermeslab@gmail.com.)



The Hermes Lab offers a myriad of programs that can be custom tailored to match the needs of you and your students. From hosting an after school club at your organization to dropping in during classroom hours to teach a weekly enrichment unit, The Hermes Lab would love to work with you to offer engaging and explorative classes to your community. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to collaborate!


Below is a list of programs that we have taught at various schools in Austin; all of which include topics that we are extraordinarily passionate about. We would be thrilled to bring one of these classes to your organization, or to brainstorm with you a new topic that would fit the needs of your programming!

CRAFTS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP - A craft class geared towards understanding the fundamentals of starting your own small craft business. From designing a brand and building inventory to calculating cost, revenue, and profit.

FLORA & FAUNA SCIENCE CLUB - A science class that takes an in-depth look at a different plant or animal species each class! From poisonous caterpillars and how jellyfish sting to carnivorous plants and the hunting tactics of grey wolves.

SUPER CRAFTERS - An arts and crafts class that can be geared towards beginner, intermediate, or advanced crafters. From sewing, finger-knitting, and paper maché to painting, origami, and pop-up cards.

SEWING CLUB - A sewing club that covers the basics of hand sewing and machine sewing - from threading needles and hand sewing fabric flowers and pouches to designing and building a stuffed animal and making pillows and fashion accessories.

AMERICAN HISTORY & THE REVOLUTION - Students will dive into American history through discussion, hands-on activities, crafts, and acting out significant moments in our country's inception! From the Mayflower and the thirteen original colonies, to our founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence, and the American Revolution.

WORLD TRAVELER - A geography class that sends students one a tour of the world! Each class, we will 'travel' to a new city across the globe to look at population, language, arts & music, architecture, latitude & longitude, elevation, and history.

CULTURE TIME - A world cultures class where a new topic will be explored every week. Stemming from the students' interests, we will cover topics from Rube Goldberg and Thomas Edison to the Egyptian pyramids and the big band music from the 1930's.

MATH FANATICS - A math class that encourages a love for math through hands-on activities, games, and applying concepts to real-world situations. From slap-the-number and the circumference challenge, to running a store and budgeting your earned salary.