My name is Claire Hermes, and I own and operate The Hermes Lab. Originally from New Mexico, I grew up in the desert with my backyard as my kingdom and my sister as my fellow explorer. With a scientist father and a teacher mother, we grew up with exploration at the heart of our childhood. We learned to ask as many questions as we could - about nature, about school, and about how to do and make things. We learned to experiment, to tinker, and to create. My goal is to inspire students to find that wild enthusiasm for learning that has fueled my curiosity, and to approach their learning from an inquisitive and explorative view. 

The Hermes Lab officially launched in Summer 2016. For the four years prior, I taught Yellow Pod at ACE Academy (a K-2nd pod for gifted learners), while offering multiple after school clubs for the students there. My clubs were such an amazing opportunity for me to 'nerd-out' on a topic, and share my new knowledge with students who were so eager to learn. From sewing stuffed animals and making paper floral crowns, to learning about orca whales and redwoods - those hours after school were full of curiosity, carefree exploration, creativity, and a lot of glitter. This is where I fell in love with teaching enrichment, and decided to branch out from full-time teaching to tackle The Hermes Lab! If I can provide more of these classes that teach topics that may not always be covered in school, to more students across Austin - not only will I get to continue 'nerding-out,' but I can get so many other students to 'nerd-out' with me! And so it began.

Before my life in Austin, I lived and studied in New Orleans, where I graduated from Loyola University New Orleans Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Studies and a Minor in Mathematics. I had the privilege of working at Preservation Jazz Hall, in addition to working as an event planner for the Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans, and as an intern for Canvasback Records in New York City. I also volunteered as a math tutor for Our Next Generation (an inner-city after school program in Milwaukee), and for Boys Hope Girls Hope (a tutoring program for foster students in New Orleans). 

Lastly, in my spare time, I run a small craft business - Billie Claire Handmade; volunteer as a photographer for the Austin Pets Alive! Cat Program; and love exploring the greenbelt and Lady Bird Lake. (You can view my craft website here:


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