WHEN: The Hermes Lab can offer private lessons, tutoring, and group classes throughout June, July, and August 2018; any time between 9:00am - 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. Occasional weekends are a possibility, if needed!

WHERE: We are happy to travel to your house or a central location (such as AHB or a public library) for our lessons. We are based in South Central Austin, but are happy to commute within a reasonable distance. 

HOW OFTEN: You may register your kiddo for a one-time lesson, or we can set up weekly or bi-weekly sessions throughout the summer; we are flexible and are happy to talk about what your student needs! Once the school year begins next fall, we can absolutely discuss continuing our lessons, if preferred.


Pricing for private lessons, tutoring, and group classes depends on the following information:

  • Session Length (Minimum 1 hour, maximum 4 hours)
  • Location (Your house or a central location like AHB or a public library)
  • Number of Students (1 - 5 students for private lessons and tutoring, 2 - 12 students for group classes)
  • Project Materials (These are included in your price, whether it is math games for one or party supplies for twelve.)
  • Planning & Preparation (This will be a large determinant for pricing, as I will be doing ample preparation before each lesson to make sure that the time we spend in session is used efficiently.)

Pricing for tutoring and private lessons ranges from $45 - $85 per hour. Group lessons and projects range from $100 - $200 an hour. Please shoot us an email with what you have in mind, and we will tailor a quote for you based on the information above!